Pounding the pavement this Easter!

Thanks to my adorable, loving husband I found myself sporting an awesome new pair of Puma running shoes this Easter! Yes! Just what I need!

I had started the C25k training program a couple of months ago and had to stop after a week and a half thanks to dodgy knees, dodgy shoes and dodgy running technique. My knees have since repaired and with my knee straps and new runners I have started pounding the pavement once again! I never believed I was a ‘runner’ up until starting the program. And now I am just loving it. I am praying there’ll be a slight pause in the rain this afternoon so I can get out there and run my butt off (literally!).

Easter was fabulous. I enjoyed my chocolate. And enjoyed the fact that I was happy with just one egg and some rocky road. In previous years I would have enjoyed as many eggs as I possibly could. I love the changes I am making to my eating habits…. and living habits in general.

I am so close to reaching my 10% weight loss goal. I wish, wish, wish to reach it at my next weigh in on Sunday – however, I think it will actually be the one after. I am remaining realistic, and yet I am not completely numbing my hope! I have promised my self a trip to the hairdresser when I reach 76.2kg (my 10%). I can’t wait! This Mama needs a treat! :)

Loving life… beyond scones!
Natalie xxx


One thought on “Pounding the pavement this Easter!

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