When Will I Break This Habit?

How about now?
How about today?

Whenever I am unwell I have a tendency to eat very unhealthy food. It’s often because I do not have the energy to cook…. yet it is also that I really only feel like eating crappy food when I’m unwell. I don’t feel like my usual yoghurt and fruit for breakfast or my tofu and veggies for lunch. I just feel like eating crap!

Why? Why? WHY?

I don’t know.

I have been fighting a cold (lovingly passed on to me by my almost-2 year old son) for a few days now. This time I am remaining aware of my eating habits. I have not gone for the greasy, fast food as I usually would have. I have still managed to eat very well. And I am happy. I want this to happen the next time I am unwell, too. I want this to stick.

Today I weighed in at 78.2kg. I am two kilos away from my 10% goal. I really, really, reeeealllly hope I get there soon. No more set backs. I have had this & that, this & that holding me back at different times since I joined Weight Watchers.

When will my new eating plan become habits so that nothing sets me back? They say you have to complete something 21 times for it to become a habit. Maybe if I can stay on track for a total of 21 days without any ‘set backs’ I will be getting somewhere…?

Time to get myself to bed so I can get well again.

xx Natalie


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