Still Moving Forward!

It has been aaaaages since a blog post from me. One reason being we moved house and did not have internet connected for quite some time.

So how have things been going?

Well, despite having fallen in love with running, I had to hang up my shoes for a while. My knees couldn’t take it. I already have poor joints & the strain of too much running too fast left me limping and taking pain killers. I was so disappointed. My knees are better now, thankfully, and I do plan on running again. Next time around I will build up more gradually, wear knee supports and proper running shoes!

Moving Week! This was quite a nightmare in terms of eating. Our kitchen wasn’t set up – I couldn’t cook much! I didn’t know where anything was! It was entirely frustrating and, of course, drove me to eat random, random, not-entirely-healthy foods. :(

After that, I became ill. Stomach flu. Horrible. I couldn’t eat for two days and once I started to eat again I was absolutely starving every time I fed the baby. I had to eat non-stop for the rest of the week!

Still, with all this I have managed to keep moving forward, dropping the kilos slowly but surely. Thank goodness!



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