How much is enough?

I keep asking the question: Am I doing enough?

I’m pretty sure that I’m not and yet the weight is still coming off. But slowly so. I still eat LCMs through out the day and have pizza here and there. Am I doing enough? I do not over eat my points, but should I not be eating pizza? Should I not be eating LCMs and having the occasional glass of coca-cola? I don’t know. I guess I should do what works. But could I make this work faster if I cut those things out too? Yet if I cut them out might I go crazy???

I was speaking with some one the other day about my weight loss, happily telling them that despite indulging in burgers and thick shakes in the USA I still managed to only gain 900g during my holiday. She responded with “Well, you’re breast feeding two children, that’s probably why you didn’t put on much weight”. Yeah, ok. Burst my bubble, thank you. I understand where she was coming from but it sucked to hear it. Yes, I am breast feeding two children, still I am working hard to get where I am! I was also breast feeding two children before joining Weight Watchers and still managed to be over weight. So, “breast feeding two children my BUTT!” is what I say to her! hahahahaha… :)

I have realised I need to blog. Otherwise I’m in this on my own. And I can too easily make allowances and excuses. So expect more blogging on my part.

Until then…
xx Natalie.


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