Uurrrggghhh… the Battle with Tiredness

I have been so tired this week. A combination of jet lag and babies with jet lag and just not enough hours in the night have turned me into a tired, cranky blob. And when I become a tired, cranky blob – I go for the crappy food!

Despite drinking coke, eating pizza, drinking iced chocolate, eating a cheeseburger (not just any cheeseburger – one from the Golden Arches) etc etc., this week I have still managed to lose 1.5kg for a total loss of 5.3kg. Awesome! So even when I’m down, I can do it!

Of course, I could do even better, but I’m not being hard on myself. Life is not easy with 2 kids under 2, looking for a new home and while conquering jet lag. I am pleased.

I do wish, though, that I could conquer the eating of comfort food during the times when I am extremely tired.

On another note, I keep forgetting to cook rice for my family! I have been eating our stir-fries rice free (filling up on veggies for fewer points, rather than on rice)! Woops! Sorry, B!

Oh how I long to be in Mexico again, at that all-inclusive resort on the Caribbean where I could relax, take-in the beauty and have every meal prepared for me.

All I really need is some sleep. :)

xx Natalie


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