Back in the heat of Brisvegas

t has been 4 weeks since I left Australia for the United States and Mexico. It has also been 4 weeks since I last weighed in!

I am back in Australia now. Boy, it is hot! And being back in Australia means I am once again back to tracking. It didn’t go so well in Mexico. I didn’t have scales so couldn’t weigh in and I stopped tracking after about a week. It was SO difficult!

The good news is that I weighed in for the first time in 4 weeks this morning and I only gained 900g on my holiday! I am so happy. And so totally surprised. I spent a good 5 days at an all-inclusive resort while in Mexico and basically just pigged out the whole time. Then I spent a few days in California just before returning home and also indulged in burgers and pizza and thick shakes without a care in the world! So you can imagine my surprise to return home to only 900g extra!

In addition, today I put on a pair of my size 14 shorts (these are bigger than my ‘normal’ size and the size that I was wearing after baby number one and just before getting pregnant with baby number 2). I COULD DO THEM UP!!!! Yes, they are tight and yes, they do not look as great as before but… I COULD DO THEM UP!!! So, though I gained 900g on my 4 week Mexican holiday, it seems my measurements went down slightly. Awesome.

I am so happy that I enjoyed myself while on holiday with my family. I’m glad I gave up stressing over points and tracking soon into the holiday. I am so glad because, after all,  I didn’t gain all that much and I relaxed and enjoyed myself. Now I can continue to track and watch what I eat with happiness and enthusiasm!

Can’t wait to drop another 5kg!

xx Natalie.


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