Hello From Mexico…

Well, here I am in Mexico!
Sooooo beautiful! It’s really great to be back.

The holiday is going so well so far, despite jet lag and being unable to track any food for the first few days. We arrived in L.A. first. Now THAT was exciting! My husband and I both used to live in the States (that’s where we met) and so we were very excited to have some of our old American favourites when we first arrived. Burgers, pizza, half ‘n’ half in our coffee etc. etc. HA! I guess that’s what allowance points are for. It was FUN! And I do not regret eating what we ate together. It was a sweet moment for me with my family.

2 days later we arrived in Mexico… and we were sooooo tired. My husband’s family greeted us with a beautiful home cooked Mexican meal. It was light and lovely – no worries about points there – not that I was counting, far too tired at that point!

Now it has been a couple more days and I have missed a weigh in because I haven’t got any scales. I missed about half a week of tracking my food but started a-fresh when the new week started. So far it is going ok. There has been lots of great Mexican food = beans, cheese, sour cream, tostadas, tortillas, enchiladas etc etc… YUM!! I have been really great passing on the sour cream and only eating good portion sizes so I think I am doing ok. And I asked my husband to take me to the super market to stock up on yoghurt, fruit and veggies. So last night i made myself a yummy vegetable stir fry for dinner.

I think things will go ok here in Mexico. Given that we are staying in a home with a kitchen, I am able to cook my own meals at times. Yay! That will be a big plus when trying to stay on track. I don’t think I will lose any weight here, though. Well, maybe I will with the walking each day. We’ll see, I guess. It would be great to go home even lighter – then I could say I truly conquered my holiday! :) hehehehe….

Hope I can weigh myself soon. Got to find those scales!!

xx Natalie.


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