Chips off the old block!

Well I must say, I am pretty pleased with myself this evening. I attended my niece’s 7th birthday party this afternoon. We were the first ones to arrive and, as you’d expect at a child’s birthday party, the only things set out to eat were potato chips, potato chips, lollies and…. potato chips. It did not help that I was starving. Breastfeeding two children means I’m pretty much hungry ALL the time! Still, I refrained from eating the potato chips and only ate a total of 8 lollies… then waited… and waited…. and waited… for dinner to be served.

What I loved about the restraint I had on the potato chips at the party was that I actually didn’t want to eat them. I mean, I looked at them, knew they were not beneficial for my body and did not want them. Then I realised that I hardly ever eat potato chips anyway. I mean, I rarely buy them… but at a party I would always just eat them because they were there, for the sake of it.  So I was glad to see that I could happily make the choice not to eat them anymore! I also passed on the coleslaw (drenched in mayonnaise) and the pasta salad (also drenched in a creamy substance) and had only one small slice of birthday cake (previously I probably would have had a couple of slices)! I love being in control of what I put in my mouth! SO happy! :)

To top it off, my brother said to me “You look like you’ve lost weight!”. That’s a nice thing to hear. Especially because this week I have spent so much time out and about at family gatherings and getting last minute supplies for our holiday.. which actually means that not only have I had a meal out here & there but I’ve also had to eat at not-too-impressive food courts (no good healthy options for some reason – not even a sumo salad!). So I have really eaten into my allowance points this week. I think I have eaten over  my daily points allowance every day so far. And I know that it’s ok to use allowance points … but I still do not believe I will lose as much weight as I would like by doing that.

So, 2 more days of week 3 to go (I am almost sure I am not going to have a good weigh in result on Sunday – simply too much eating!). Then I begin week 4, half way through which I will travel to California, followed by Mexico. Yikes! I am not sure how I’m going to go there. Hopefully I will not gain. Fingers crossed! Tacos here we come! :)

xx Natalie.


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