… Just Add Passion Fruit.

Friday, 14 January 2011

My Gosh! Passion fruit! Passion fruit! I am delighted by it!

I have eaten passion fruit before, of course, but now it is adding flavour to so many things I’m eating.. and it’s delicious! I have been adding it to yoghurt, fruit salad, oatmeal/porridge and I even added some to a glass of water today. Deeeeeee-lish!

I am in week 2 now, day 5. And I’m still chugging along nicely. Yesterday I had a day where I just wanted to eat and eat. And eat. And eat. I wasn’t hungry, I knew that. Still, I wanted to eat and eat. And eat. I realised it was because I was very tired. I have not been getting much sleep at night (maybe 4 or 5 hours) with the babies waking through the night and me staying up late to organise stuff for our trip (to MEXICO! Tell me, how am I going to not eat cheese and tortillas in Mexico? ha ha ha). So yes, I reached for the Weight Watchers Brownies a few too many times! Didn’t go over my points, though. Good on me! I did get hungry before going to sleep and popped myself some plain popcorn. I used my allowance points for the snack – for the first time ever! And I felt satisfied. Up until that point I thought using my allowance points would make me feel slightly guilty… but it didn’t! It had the opposite effect. It was so satisfying that I awoke today SO happy to be participating in the Weight Watchers program!

Yeah, those Weight Watchers Brownies really are nice with an espresso. I am trying to remember that just because something is ‘Weight Watchers’ brand, it doesn’t mean I can eat as much of it as I like. It is nice to have a 2 point brownie on hand though!

Exercise is going well. There a couple of days last week where I just didn’t manage to fit it into my day. Today however, thanks to a break from the rain, I managed to get out with my youngest son and have a good walk. When I returned home I also did a 20 minute Zumba class with my dear husband. Zumba kicks my butt! And it’s great!

My current favourite afternoon pick-me-up = An espresso & 3 squares of organic 70% cocoa dark chocolate for 1 point.

That’s all for now. Weigh In #2 in 3 more sleeps! I’m hoping to have reached my first goal of a 5% weight loss. We’ll see….

xx Natalie.


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