One day ’til first weigh in! 800g away from my first goal!

I am making a quick entry before I run out the door with my husband and two kidlets for a Saturday of family fun.

I just wanted to say that I am only 800g away from my first goal (5%) and my first weigh in is tomorrow morning.

Is it really possible that I have already lost 3.5kg and it hasn’t yet even been one week?


I am not yet decided on whether weighing in only once a week is best for me – or whether checking every day or so will keep me more motivated. I am experimenting with that. So far, this week, I have been checking my weight constantly. And… I am slightly worried that I will not be able to go a day without checking it! I guess it has just been so positive each day that I keep wanting to get more encouragement from my scales!

I’m also aware that things will slow down… and possibly very soon. So I’m thinking of ways to keep things moving (read: ‘to keep the weight coming off quickly’). I know the first thing is to reduce my portion sizes… and stop eating before I’m SUPER FULL! And second, I need to replace some snacks with more Filling and Healthy Foods.

Right –
I’m off!
Saturday in the rain! :)


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