Dance, my heart!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Post Image Day 3 of Weight Watchers and I am ecstatic!

I’ve discovered today that I am making better choices all round – not just when it comes to what I put in my mouth! Today I chose to play ball and dance to Hi5 with my 18 month old son instead of leaving him to play on his own while I sit down and watch The Circle (love that show, will watch it later ;)). In doing this I have not only connected with my adorable boy but can also already check off 25 minutes of activity time in my exercise tracker! Woo hoo!

I’m feeling great, loving the choices and changes I’m making and can already feel myself becoming Beautiful Me again!

Last night, before going to sleep, I found myself positively excited about what I would have for breakfast today. Now, this is so rare for me! Usually breakfast is the most difficult part of my menu. I just never know what to eat – and I’m definitely not a cereal girl. So last night when I was choosing between a banana & muesli breakfast sundae or a banana, raspberry, apple smoothie I almost couldn’t contain myself. And I realised that not only am I happy because I now have far more options than I could ever have come up with before, but I have them GUILT FREE!

It is so liberating.

Day 3 – and I’m loving it!


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